Client Recommendation:
I wanted to record in writing our utter appreciation of what you have achieved with the new film for Borgo di Vagli. – Bravo!  When we commissioned you to make it, I was concerned that we succeeded in two ways – the first was to make sure that we realised a real return on the not insignificant sum spent, and the second was to ensure that you captured the essence of what Borgo di Vagli is all about.
We were nervous about spending a considerable amount of money  with you, to “make the right film”. I had only seen some previous works of yours and shared your emotions expressed in the conceptual statement you prepared to present your future work. In a way, not much  to take such a decision…I just used my usually good nose…
Today, I am delighted to say that the film you have produced not only communicates the absolute essence of Borgo di Vagli, but does it in a way that anyone watching is compelled to act to visit us and make a positive decision to join us. I have now shown it to many people and experienced  a real emotional impact, often with tears in eyes – and for an Italian to say that, it takes something very special indeed!
Please pass my untold thanks the splendid  film crew and all your team on a fantastic job that has exceeded all our expectations. You have looked after us beautifully and we feel we have made new friends. You are always welcome at Borgo di Vagli.
Fulvio di Rosa
Project Owner